Some day, somewhere in the net there was iBlog. It was about everything and nothing. A few persons was reading it, some of them maybe even liked it. But I am not interested in writing about myself anymore. This blog will be about Project Management. Less personal, but in fact it will be my personal tool: to not forget what I have learnt. And what I ll learn in future.
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Software Quality is Everywhere

Where is Quality? Who creates Quality? Who can improve Quality? When should you check Quality?

Quality is not free. Everyone who knows ISO or CMMI, knows this fact and knows that even if not free, Quality is still cheaper than lack of Quality.

But not everyone realizes that Quality is Everywhere.  And you cannot have Quality by having a one, big check after some stage. There are some methodologies having lengthy audits and review phases at the end of each stage of the project. And these methodologies either fail or make your project ridicously long. And make your people to paint the grass green.

And there are also aproaches knowing about Quality is Everywhere. These approaches measure everything in background. They foster open communication and innovative thinking. They give managers quick feedback and prompt warnings, just after something wrong could happen - not months or years after.  They detect real problems and not only issues of "not enough kilogrammes of documents" class.

If you choose any methodology to improve your quality and your projects, whether it is ADP, CMMI, ISO, PMBOK, PMI, whatever - remember:

  • Quality is Everywhere: measure it as early as possible, only when you trust data is reliable, and in background
  • Quality is Everywhere: defects prevention is always better then defects detection
  • Quality is Everywhere: never blame people on errors. If you are Quality Manager, Project Manager, Engineering Manager - low quality is always your fault because you haven't set up proper Quality Management System. It's not a fault of your people, it's not a fault of engineers.
  • Quality is Everywhere: but you cannot have it without time spent for it.

So you can ask: I have a low quality project. I don't have resources for improving quality. What should I do. Where should I look for help?

LEAN can respond to your question: help yourself and clean up the things first. This doesn't cost you a broken penny. Ensure that you use bug tracking system. Ensure that your people know what to do next. Ensure they know what they do. Ensure that they have some backup and are not irreplacable heroes, because it's too big responsibility for any single person to be irreplaceable. Then - you'll easily find out next steps.

I hope I'm also able to clean up the things first and find out next steps.

czwartek, 21 lutego 2008, d_l_x

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