Some day, somewhere in the net there was iBlog. It was about everything and nothing. A few persons was reading it, some of them maybe even liked it. But I am not interested in writing about myself anymore. This blog will be about Project Management. Less personal, but in fact it will be my personal tool: to not forget what I have learnt. And what I ll learn in future.
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Meetings effectiveness

For over 4 years I was accustomed to the meetings making sense.

I knew that everyone coming to the meeting will accept or reject invitation, will come on time, will be prepared and will be constructive.

It would be simple when your company's boss name was Andy Groove:

Otherwise meetings become distorted, unorganized bunch of people presenting their statements whenever they manage to interrupt a statement of others, not listening others and not seeing any purpose of the meeting except that they can always say after the meeting that "look, I told you at the meeting that this can happen, you haven't listened to me, or you haven't reacted to what I said. You are stupid, you are the guilty!"

Effective meetings... how much I miss them,,,


piątek, 12 grudnia 2008, d_l_x

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