Some day, somewhere in the net there was iBlog. It was about everything and nothing. A few persons was reading it, some of them maybe even liked it. But I am not interested in writing about myself anymore. This blog will be about Project Management. Less personal, but in fact it will be my personal tool: to not forget what I have learnt. And what I ll learn in future.
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Von Thun's Ears

One statement is a packaged set of multiple informations on different layers.

  • Facts
  • Self-disclosure: about me and my feelings
  • Relational: about relationship between sender and receiver
  • Appelative

It is important to remember everytime you send a message (email, telephone, f2f), you actually send four messages.

Different people receive these four messages with varying strengths: some of them receive mainly one of the layers, others receive all equally, or one of them depending on situation. But be prepared that someone understood your statement in very different way you mean.

 A good example: a marriage in a car. The husband is driving. They have stopped at traffic lights. The wife tells: "look, we have the green light!".

  • Facts: there is the green light, we can go ahead
  • Self-disclosure: I'm in hurry to the hairdresser!
  • Relational: You are hindsighted, I would drive to the destination much faster than you! How could I marry such a muff!
  • Appelative: please hurry up!
piątek, 12 grudnia 2008, d_l_x

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