Some day, somewhere in the net there was iBlog. It was about everything and nothing. A few persons was reading it, some of them maybe even liked it. But I am not interested in writing about myself anymore. This blog will be about Project Management. Less personal, but in fact it will be my personal tool: to not forget what I have learnt. And what I ll learn in future.
sobota, 28 lutego 2009

ALM is the connection between the tools, not the tools themselves.

Carey Schwaber, Mea culpa, ALM toolmakers say


Recommendations: Not let support for requirements management drive their ALM tool selection. [...]

  ALM 1.0 solutions don’t offer much support for ALM beyond what can be accomplished through brittle tool-to-tool integrations. Characteristics of ALM 1.0 solutions include: 1) a single tool for each role; 2)  redundant and inconsistent ALM features locked in practitioner tools; 3) microprocesses embedded in tools and macroprocesses embedded in tool integrations; and 4) integration through brittle repository synchronization mechanisms.
  Characteristics of ALM 2.0 solutions — tomorrow’s ALM platforms — include: 1) common services available across practitioner tools; 2) practitioner tools assembled out of plug-ins; 3) repository neutrality; 4) use of open integration standards; and 5) microprocesses and macroprocesses governed by externalized workflow.

The Forrester WaveTM: Requirements Management, Q2 2008, Carey Schwaber and Mary Gerush

wtorek, 10 lutego 2009

No matter how annoying the situation feels today, it will be funny in five years. So do take notes.

Cornelius Fichtner, PMP