Some day, somewhere in the net there was iBlog. It was about everything and nothing. A few persons was reading it, some of them maybe even liked it. But I am not interested in writing about myself anymore. This blog will be about Project Management. Less personal, but in fact it will be my personal tool: to not forget what I have learnt. And what I ll learn in future.
wtorek, 07 kwietnia 2009

One way to avoid the large penalty for a change during final production is to make the right design decision in the first place and avoid the need to change later. That was the Detroit approach. Toyota and Honda had discovered a different way to avoid the penalty
of incorrect design decisions: Don't make irreversible decisions in the first place; delay design decisions as long as possible, and when they are made, make them with the best available information to make them correctly. This thinking is very similar to the thinking behind just-in-time manufacturing, pioneered by Toyota: Don't decide what to manufacture until you have a customer order; then make it as fast as possible.

Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit, L&M Poppendiecks.